Guide Bot all-in-one AI solution for games

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Guide Bot is a cutting-edge all-in-one middleware AI solution for games and virtual reality.

With Guide Bot you can create and configure behavior and visual appearance for AI characters of very different types: from realistic human beings and animals to fiction creatures and monsters.

You can download Guide Bot Demo game from downloads page.

Various Npcs Types

Flexible and Expandable Architecture

Flexible and expandable architecture of Guide Bot is based on intellectual autonomous agent's theory. Actor is AI controlled entity. Actor can be in one of predefined visual states (like walking barehanded, running with sword, sitting, lying etc). Actor consists of effectors - arms, legs, mouth etc. Simple actions can be assigned for each effector: walk for legs, punch or use weapon for arms, talk for a mouth.

Actor Scheme
High-level actions are used to activate more complex behavioral patterns like: fighting enemy with different types of weapon (melee or distant), chase/flee enemy, patrol territory, wandering around.
Perception (or sensor) system allows AI entity to emulate eyesight and hearing in the virtual environment.

Each state manages its own set of animations.

Actor States

Dynamic Cover Points

Guide Bot Topology

Guide Bot Topology is stand-alone product under development not yet implemented in Guide Bot.

It's robust pathfinder solution based on state-of-the-art technique and steering behavior algorithms. Topology is generated automatically from raw geometry.

Navigation algorithms support very fast path planning with dynamic obstacle avoidance.


Facial Emotions and Lip-Sync Technology