Guide Bot Topology

Guide Bot Topology Logo Guide Bot Topology is an innovative pathfinding solution for intelligent agents' movement in the complex 3D virtual worlds.

Due to unique approach of representing passable space with interconnected concave polygons (instead of convex polygons) Guide Bot outperforms rivals by effectiveness of memory usage and speed of real-time pathfinding.

Guide Bot AI and pathfinder middleware engine

Guide Bot Logo Guide Bot is professional cutting-edge AI all-in-one solution for game and virtual reality developers.

Unless majority of commercial AI engines Guide Bot will have an indie license, so small and indie developers will be able to afford it for their projects.

Guide Bot's design implements some innovative principles so the engine's performance is very robust even without consuming a lot of CPU resources.

Game Mechanics Kit for Torque 3D engines

Game Mechanics Kit Logo Game Mechanics Kit (or GMK) is an add-on for GarageGames\' Torque 3D engines (T3D, TGE, TGEA). GMK provides functionality and tools for programmers and game designers to script and edit the mechanics of game process in very easy and visual way. GMK implements principle of building blocks: create your game with ready made components.

GMK includes major enhancements, which makes it even more powerful and comprehensive solution.
PHYSICS PACK - an GMK add-on for full scale physics with rigid bodies and ragdoll.
CUT SCENE EDITOR - full featured editor that makes creation of in game Cut Scenes easy and straightforward.

To learn more about Game Mechanics Kit visit its home page.

You can download Game Mechanics Kit Demo application from downloads page.